We enjoyed the weekend in Aarhus visiting family and friends. As our friends here in Aarhus have just become parents, I wanted to find a little something for their newborn at the Hanfalke store. I’ve known about the Hanfalke webshop for a few years now and since dear Stine opened the store here in Aarhus I’ve been wanting to visit. So on Saturday while Walter and his cousin William was at gymnastics with their dads, my sister-in-law and I went shopping with our youngest. Holger had great fun in the store. Obviously lots to explore.


A selection of Aiayu and Skall Studio for women at the Hanfalke store. I love all the styles - organic and so soft.


The interior is so beautifully done at Hanfalke and I love how the original floor tiles are kept.


At Hanfalke you find a selection of baby fashion brands like Engel, Selana, Serendipity and Summer and Storm. Just to mention a few and all favourites of mine too.


The Hanfalke store is located in the Frederiksbjerg area in Aarhus and I think it is absolutely worth a visit if you are in Aarhus. Otherwise you can always explore Hanfalke online.

Happy new weekend.

Xx Stephanie