On the Isle of Wight, England, Hillside - a charming 18th century thatched country house is located. The house is overlooking the Victorian town of Ventnor with the National Trust land backing on the hill behind at the foot of St. Boniface Down. An Island, town and place I never knew of (or imagined to know about!) until my father showed it to me eight years ago and Hillside has been part of our family since then. Numerous of summer holidays, long weekends and Christmases we have spent at Hillside. Why, I like to call it - our home away from home. 


This weekend was the third visit at Hillside for Walter - and I think it was the most enjoyable for all involved so far. I mean even the flight over and train trip down plus the ferry to the Island was as an entertainment for Walter. And also seeing him in the garden running around after the henses and looking at the boys (three Hebridean sheep) on the hill was like he just blended in outdoor. Such a pleasure to see and for grandad of course! So the long weekend in England was well spent enjoying walks to the seafront, exploring the garden, sipping white tea and eating biscuits in the afternoon followed by a lovely dinner - and most important of all just being present at Hillside. And spending as much time possible with grandad! Wouldn't mind leaving for Hillside again next week, but with the due date next month we would need to wait and in Spring we will return 4 of us. 

The there boys (Hebridean sheep) are named Barra, Harris and Lewis after the Hebrides Islands. Four henses are at Hillside and each are producing an egg a day. So no local production as such - they are just hanging out. At Hillside there is also a number of white birds flying around and making new friends. Oh, and we also host bee hives at Hillside and producing the Hillside honey. Such a good mix of animals outdoor. Wonder who have moved in next time we will visit. 

Read more about Hillside on www.hillsideventnor.co.uk


Xx Stephanie