In just two months Walter will become a big brother and I'm also getting more used to the thought of being the mother of two boys. Of course, as the bump has grown and being a lot heavier the last few weeks - it's all getting more real now. We've done a lot of baby talk with Walter and he seems positive about it. ..and yes, thinks it's so fun pointing at my navle and clapping the big bump too! So all seems good, but I'm sure Walter has no clue of what to expect and think about a newborn moving in just before celebrating his second birthday and oh well, I think that makes the three of us! To spend the most time possible with Walter before 3 becomes 4 I'm taking one day off a week with him. And what a joy to hang out the two of us! And it brings me so many happy memories from when on maternity leave and having all day, everyday together!

Last week it was raining a lot, but we planned to see the changing of the guards at Amalienborg, Copenhagen anyways and luckily the rain stopped as we walked out of the door at home. So we enjoyed the 10 min. short stroll with a snack for Walter and a coffee (and also a snack!) for me from the local bakery store. Walter absolute adores the guards and find them so cool. He could stand and look at them for hours! I've been asked to share his outfit from last week and here it is in more detail. 

The softest sweater and pants. And I love the mustard color of the socks in his sandals. And yes, it was the last day this season Walter was wearing his sandals. I'm looking forward to our one day off this week and we would need to be wearing a little more clothing too, as fall has arrived in Copenhagen!

Sweater/ CARAMEL  Socks/ LIMONADE  Sandals/ ANGULUS  Pants/ CARAMEL  


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Xx Stephanie