Pollenca is a town situated in the northern part of the island of Mallorca, near Cap de Formentor and Alcudia. The town Pollenca lies inland and about 6 km. west of its port, Port de Pollenca. As we booked our holiday a week before departure all of the villas and hotels we looked at in Pollenca was already booked, but we were lucky to find an aparthotel near Port de Pollenca.

We had some fantastic days in the Pollenca area and at the Aparthotel Club de Sol. And we will for sure at some point return, however, I would prefer to be living in a villa. Multiple reasons, but I like to have our own kitchen and pool, and also with Walter and our no. 2 and their naps during the days and so. As it was so warm Walter took his naps in the room to cool down and be more comfortable, and why we (or one of us) also had to. Overall we had fun and Club de Sol was much welcoming to children and families. As obvious Walter was pretty impressed by the breakfast buffet and the pool(s)!

Pre departure a girlfriend of mine recommended us the beach Playa de Formentor near Cap de Formentor and it was a perfect match when staying in Port de Pollenca. And of course we had to experience this beautiful beach too. So off we went on a 30 min. smooth drive up and down in the mountains due to its location on the dramatic coastline of Cap de Formentor. But with its crystal clear waters in an almost unbelievable blue and its soft white sand Playa de Formentor is absolutely breathtaking! Parking was perfectly placed near the beach and Walter had a great day in the sea and on the beach playing in the sand. I wish we could have had more days like this when staying in Pollenca.

We enjoyed two beautiful and peaceful evenings in Port de Pollenca. The first night we didn’t mind to book any restaurant, as we just wanted to explore. We had a lovely walk around the old port and looked at all the cute little boats. Walter was impressed (and he also just learned to say “boat”!) and some Spanish boys were fishing from a boat, which was fun to see for him too. We walked back to the restaurants and found a decent spot. The atmosphere is great in Port the Pollenca and we also found playgrounds on the beach. We enjoyed an ice-cream before strolling back to the car. For our second night we booked a table at the restaurant Bellaverde (and it is recommended to book too!). Such a peaceful spot in Port de Pollenca and child friendly too with a dedicated area for play. I think any parent would love this concept when dining out. Walter had fun and played with other children whilst waiting for his dinner and after (when Anders and I was still eating!). Restaurant Bellaverde serves lovely vegan and vegetarian food. We will definitely return to Pollenca and Port de Pollenca

Our third day in Pollenca was also a travel day, as we had booked a house on the other side of the island near Port d’Andratx. We packed all our stuff and was ready to leave in the car at 9.00 sharp because we wanted to explore the Pollenca town on our way. When we arrived down town it was already sooo warm! Therefore we tried to hide in the shadow as much as we could. The old part of the Pollenca town is so pretty and we enjoyed a cup of coffee and did a little window shopping.

We could have spent all our days of holiday in Pollenca and Port de Pollenca, but I´m also glad that we explored other beautiful parts of Mallorca. More individual posts will follow. We have experienced so much and challenging for me to cover all details – so please drop a line if questions about something specific.

Xx Stephanie