Bath time has for us from the beginning been one of our favourite routines together. This routine also gives me the time to care about Walter with the products I find essential for him! 

Of course, the temperature of the water is important for Walter to be comfortable in the bath. He always likes it a bit colder than I would think. Added in the water from the start we always use a few drops of the Purely Professional pure oil, as it can be used for both skin and hair. And it leaves the water and skin soft as silk. Since birth Walter has had thick hair and a lot of it and (obviously!) still has, and it needs attention and treatment including his scalp. From when Walter was 3-months-old we started to use the gentle and sulphate-free baby shampoo and body wash too. The shampoo is frothed up via a foamer, making it easy to administer and distribute the hair and body. It is so mild and does not sting in the eyes when being washed out. With hair like Walters it is also important that we brush it right after bath to stimulate the scalp. Sometimes we also blow-dry it to help it dry quicker. After the bath I always apply the repair cream 1 on Walter´s skin. It is an extra nourishing cream and leaves his skin so soft. The cream contains calendula and chamomile. And I love it too! Purely Professional is hair and skin care products for all who want to reduce the use of perfumes, dyes, preserves and other unnecessary chemistry without compromising on quality. The vision is quite clear: Less is more. And I couldn't agree more on this. 

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Xx Stephanie