November, the month of my firstborn and soon added number two. I never imagined a month could feel this special. But November does. And now 38 weeks of pregnancy are done. It means that I now can deliver within time of due date. I'm showing big and our baby boy is almost ready to arrive, and my body is getting ready for the delivery too. And yes, I do have all the common 38 weeks pregnant symptoms; trouble sleeping, swollen feet and ankles, back pain and an itchy belly, and more! This combined with being a mother of a toddler I find challenging. And honestly, I'm looking forward having just a few weeks left of pregnancy now. Also over the past weeks I've been wondering how Walter will cope with the new arrival of baby brother. We've tried taken the time to plan how we are going to introduce the new baby, but with Walter just being two-years-old I feel like having no idea on his reactions or emotions related to this. And anyways, it might also be impossible to predict exactly just how Walter will initially respond to a new baby. However, we did introduce Walter for the new baby as soon as possible and have focused on him bonding with the bump and positively introduced the idea of a new sibling. And we are planning to keep up with our normal routines. Fingers crossed that this will be possible! Kindly share with me if any additional tips and experiences on how to introduce a sibling. Much appreciated. 


Another week for our baby to be “full term”. I'm so excited for his arrival (and, when!). 

Xx Stephanie