Previous I've mixed all kind of brands for skin and facial products in the search of finding that one brand to stick with. I didn't manage to figure it out until I discovered the Purely Professional products for Walter when he was newborn! After using the products (baby shampoo, oil and repair cream) on him I just knew that I had to use Purely Professional for me too and I've done since. Now soon to be the mother of two, I'm not so sure how much time I will be able to spend on me and facial care routines. However, I will do mine to keep up and also at this point I would probably need it the most too! And I think the products are making it simple and just Purely Professional for me. So no excuses for me not to continue the routines!

As facial care routines I'm using the serum and facial cleanser and feeling kind of addicted to them. The FACIAL CLEANSER I use every day (mornings or evenings) and it is also simple to apply in the shower. The facial cleanser is a mild, sulphate-free facial wash with chamomile that is soothing to the skin. The SERUM is formulated with a focus on rebuilding the skin's collagen and elastin. It contains an anti aging peptide (who wouldn't want that!) and other good stuff. All ingredients to help stimulate the regeneration of the skin's collagen layer and binds moisture, so the skin regains more firmness (oh yes, please!). I apply a few drops of the serum in the morning before proceeding with the rest of my routine. The newest added products are the cleansing water and moisture mask. The CLEANSING WATER I use in the evening and it removes makeup and dirt without leaving the skin dry. It contains cucumber extract and urea, leaving your skin moist and nurtured after cleansing. And I also like that it should not be rinsed with water. The MOISTURE MASK is a face mask that provides care for tired and dry skin. It contains an active plant extract, hydrasalinol, which helps the skin to regulate its moisture content, reducing fine lines and drying out. I like to apply the mask to the clean skin in a generous layer and let it work for 5-10 minutes and then removed with water, and vupti showing a fresh new happy face! 

All products I find nourishing to the skin and are without perfume, silicone, rigid sulfates, parabens and colorants, which I prefer. At anytime I choose pure skin and facial products, and not just due to me being pregnant now. 

In addition to above products I also use the shampoo and conditioner from Purely Professional and onwards I would like to add the day and night cream too. 

Read more about Purely Professional products on their website: purelyprofessional.dk

Happy weekend.

Xx Stephanie